Effects of Social Media on Teenagers

Effects of Social Media on Teenagers

Owing to the technological boom in the country, more and more people are getting hooked onto the media platforms. This goes, without saying, at a threefold rate for the teenagers. There’s not one teenager seen without an electronic gadget in their hands. The most common activity among the teenagers is the social media interaction, be it Facebook, MySpace, Twitter or playing games like Sims, Farmville etc. However dominating most of their lives, this technological outburst has great effects. The negative effects of these technologies can be:


  • Isolation: They can become more of introvert rather than a normal interactive person reducing the level of human interaction. The direct face to face interactions have reduced to the lowest minimum and the favorability to meet and stay and interact under one roof.


  • Affects Productivity: Social media greatly affects the productivity. It proves to be a major distraction prodding them to keep visiting the websites and check what other people and friends have been up to.


  • Addiction: The urge to post or visit the website many times in a day, will increase as one gets more and more attached to these social media platforms.

Positive Effects of Social Media on Teenagers

Even though we have discussed many negative outcomes of social media on teenagers, there are, however a few positive effects of Social media as well which can be as follows:


  • Enhanced Relations: It is a lot easier to catch up and find old friends and make new ones. It has become easier to connect and interact on these social media platforms. Even though personal meetings and interactions are not possible, social media has created this platform as an opportunity to substitute for all of these drawbacks.


  • Reduced communication barriers: The misunderstandings and misinterpretations are reduced when it comes to the interactions on social media.


  • Sources of Information: Information availability is in excess when it comes to social media which is readily available and easy to understand and keeps the teenagers very well equipped when it comes to latest information.


  • Sign of activity and less depression: Good social media activity, according to proved research results, is a sign of less depression amongst children and teenagers.


  • Increased creativity: The social media networks greatly help in increasing the potential of the teenagers with his/her creativity and augment it to a great extent.

As can be seen social media has both good and bad effects on teenagers. Whatever be the case the good effects have to be identified and boosted while the negative effects have to be diluted and decreased with the help of regulated control from the parents and a little care towards the teenagers’ activity.


10 daily habits that leads to unhealthy you!

10 daily habits that leads to unhealthy you!

We love what we eat! But it is vital to sort out what is healthy and what is unhealthy food before it reaches our taste buds! But how? https://www.solvemyproblemm.com/video helps you identify 10 daily habits that can lead to an unhealthy you!

Satisfying your late night cravings with chocolate cake and pizzas might be a tempting way to each day, but it isn’t going to do any favor to your body. At times, we unintentionally end up hurting our health as well as our body on a daily basis with our habits.

Tickets to danger zone

1.      Snacking, even when not hungry:

If there is any disrupt in your regular eating pattern, then your body will no longer process hunger signals, resulting in you eating even when you are full.  With this extra eating habit, your body will be flooded with unhealthy ingredients and extra calories, and you may as well end up with chronic health issues like heart problems, acidity and diabetes.

  1. Spending too much time on the couch watching TV:


Sitting for hours together on the couch, and watching TV can put your eyes and heart at risk. The more you are glued to the couch watching TV, the more immobile life you will have, affecting the levels of sugar and fat in your blood. Watching TV for too much time strains your eyes, damaging your refractive lens and also risks heart stroke and obesity.

  1. Eating too much fast food:


A life dependent on constant fast food can add to your waistline as well as cause serious health issues like diabetes, high cholesterol and heart problems, down the lane. The ‘yummy’ fast food is rich in bad fat, raising the bad cholesterol in your body, and causing to hardening of the arteries and may further cause plaque deposits. Thus, switch to a healthy diet immediately, and protect yourself from putting on weight and other chronic health problems.

  1. Lying constantly:


Surprised to see this point on a healthy living article? Well, those minute white lies can cause damage to your health. If you constantly lie, you will have constant fear of the truth being disclosed, which will build up the stress levels in you. Undoubtedly, stress is one of the worst things for your body, damaging your health by releasing stress hormones. Natural stress is a short-lived, fight-or-fight response to a threat, but self-created stress leads to far-reaching effects on your health like increased risk of overeating and overweight high-fats, too much sugar foods – both raise the odds for diabetes and heart disease.

  1. Skipping breakfast: 


Crunching a bowl of corn flakes or munching a piece of morning toast signals to your metabolism that it’s high time to kick things up a notch. If you skip the fuel, your metabolism will run low, leading to sluggishness and weight gain. The ‘starve-now-indulge-later’ eating pattern, leads to overeating in the later part of the day.

6.Smoking cigarettes:


Behind every cigarette pack, in every health tip, we come across this, ‘smoking kills’, yet people still persist with the smoking habit. Even a signal cigarette a day, can cause blood clots, preventing swift flow of the blood, developing plaque in your blood vessels and arteries. This bad habit also astronomically raises the odds for heart strokes and high blood pressure.

  1. Nail biting:


Your hands are constant travelers; throughout the day, they pick several things and then taking these nasty – ‘germ-filled’, fingers into your mouth, due to extreme nervousness or just for time pass, can make you bed-ridden for days, due to flu or cold. Therefore, stop this dirty habit right away.

  1. Plugged in with headphones for hours:


While working out or while travelling, we listen to music to pass time, and if you have plugged in for hours together, with no breaks, then you need to keep this habit under check. Listening to loud music via ear phones can cause hearing loss. Well, headphones themselves are no culprits, but the hours and the volume can land you in trouble.


  1. You are an ‘Owl’ at night:

If burning the midnight oil for work becomes a routine, you will end up damaging your health in the long run. Cutting down the hours of sleep, damages your immune system, and thus produces fewer ‘germ-fighter’, lowering your resistance for withstanding common bugs in the environment. Good sleep helps you keep fresh throughout the day.

  1. Carrying an extra heavy bag:

We just love to carry our world with us, wherever we go, because we just cannot afford to miss out on a single thing. This habit is completely hauling the world with our worldly pleasures on the back, causing lots of long term harm to our health, like neck pain, serious back pain and poor posture. Thus, do yourself a favor by emptying your bag to avoid aging your body prematurely.

Get into the ‘under construction’ mode – reverse your habits:

Now, you may start to panic, probably thinking “Oh my goodness! Lot of change is needed. Where do I start? How do I get myself to break the unhealthy habits I have? Well, if your attempt is determined and you are truly committed to the change, then definitely you will succeed.

Live a happier and healthier life!

The eyes speak. Find out from the eyes.

The eyes speak. Find out from the eyes.

Well, is it possible to read someone’s thoughts by gazing into their eyes? Are you facing problems to guess what is in your peers mind by listening to his/ her eyes? An old proverb says, ‘eyes are the mirror of the soul’, and they reveal what the heart conceals. Eyes can express feelings, both of comfort and discomfort, what words may not be able to deliver. Often what is not spoken loud is expressed exquisitely in the eyes.

Eyes speak a lot

  • Pupil size


May be you will be able to control you facial expressions, but your pupils tell an entirely different story. Pupils are that part of our eye body language that we practically have no control over. Have you ever taken a notice that the pupil dilates when we keep interest in the object we are looking at or person we are talking to? On the other end, pupils shrink when you view something distasteful or you are repulsed. Well, this is hard wired into us.

  • Shifting eyes


The story changes slightly when you pose a question to someone directly without trying to access the person’s thought patterns. Notice, if their eyes go up as they conjure up an answer, after posing the question. People keep from looking at a person, maybe because they are ashamed of being dishonest of trying to deceive them. But sometimes, people who are lying engage in more eye contact, to see if you are buying their story.


  • Crying –


Among cultures all around the world, crying is considered as a result of an extreme experience of emotion. Often it’s associated with grief or sadness, but at times humor and extreme experience of happiness can cause to cry. Well, forced crying, known as ‘crocodile tears’ is to deceive others or gain sympathy.

  • Blinking –


Do we really get to catch someone lying in ‘the blink of an eye’? Quite possibly.  Apart from our instinctive need to blink, our feeling and emotion towards an object or person we are conversing with can subconsciously alter our blink rate. The blink is more rapid when people feel uncomfortable or stressed. Infrequent blinking indicates an intentional control of eye movements.

  • Winking –

image99Winking is considered to be a cheeky form of flirting. We generally do it with people we are on good terms with or we know very well.

  • Right Brained or Left? –


The direction, in which a person is looking, reveals a whole world of what they are feeling or thinking. Left or right movements of the eye indicate whether a person is engaged in visual or symbolic thinking. Looking to their right indicates more creative thoughts, while looking to their left indicates that they are trying to remember something or reminiscing.

  • Eye blocking


When you ask a friend for a favor, and they agree but rub their eyes while responding, indicates that they are not comfortable with your request. The eye blocking body language maneuver is extremely accurate. Even children born blind also block their eyes when they hear things they do not like. This behavior is undoubtedly hard wired, like when we are troubled, struggling or frustrated with something emotionally. We close our eyelids hard or remain closed or may flutter rapidly as an expression of our sentiment.

  • Narrowed eyes


People narrow their eyes at you, when you accuse someone of an act they did not do, or even if they find something distasteful or disgusting. Narrowed eyes indicate anger, which is clearly a negative response, so make sure you ask if you have misjudged that person or said something wrong.

  • Arching eyebrows


We display gravity-defying behavior when we are contented and happy. Arching your eyebrows when you see a person gives them a sense you are really happy to see them. Approaching people with arched eyebrows and a ‘hello, how you doing?’ conveys positive emotions.

  • Wide open eyes


Wide open eyes indicate number of different things, which depends on what the rest of the face is doing. High eyebrows with eyes wide open indicate fear, while on the other hand, raised eyebrows and smile indicates interest and happiness. A short glance with arched eyebrows and eyes wide open and then back to normal shows excitement and surprise.

  • The Eyes Link to the Senses

When someone looks directly into your eyes when having a conversation, it indicated that they are paying attention and interested. Prolonged eye contact can feel threatening, while breaking eye contact can indicate that the person is uncomfortable, distracted or trying to conceal their real feelings. People start to drop their eyelids, if they are bored and they may half close their eyes, if they are uncomfortable with the situation. So, keep your eyes wide open to impress, as it is a success key and takes stamina.

Should have cashed in:


If only we knew earlier that the funny little emoticons, you have been drawing since you were a kid would become a big business today! Certainly you would have cashed in. There was no need for somebody to tell you that eyebrows angled up meant sad, angled down meant angry and arched was surprised. You knew all these instinctively that eyes have a lot to say regarding what somebody is feeling and thinking, as this ability to read a person’s intentions based on their eye movement develops at the age of four. Well, eyes have more to say than the simple face images.

MS in foreign universities or MS in India

Why study your Masters abroad? Is a foreign degree better when compared to an Indian degree? Does foreign degree – holders have an edge over Indian degree – holders? What are the perks of a foreign degree?

Nowadays, employers are showing keen interest in recruiting students with an international outlook. They probably are aware of cultures across the globe and possess the skills to work with stakeholders, colleagues and customers from all over the world. Despite the range of exotic destinations students come across, a master’s abroad is definitely not a holiday abroad! The effort that has to be put in would be weighed in tons. Apart from the work pressure, you’ll have to be sensitive to local practices and also get used to not having access to things you normally do – food. In concrete terms, what are the benefits of doing your masters abroad? Is ‘global perspective’ really a ‘golden ticket’?

Positive flip to doing masters abroad

  • It helps you to discover a new country, culture, expands your horizons and simultaneously enhances your personality. It will give an opportunity to gain an insight in a way of life which perhaps is radically different from your own. This is as valid as gaining an academic degree from an overseas institution.
  • Besides making you an independent individual with resilience and adaptability skills, it helps build professional networks which are incredibly valuable to lead your future.
  • The unconventional teaching methods in foreign universities, exposes students to a new study environment. And it is undoubtedly a better way to broaden your knowledge with ideas shaped by unique international perspectives.
  • It will show you are mobile by internationalizing your resume.
  • Whether you are looking to learn a new language or just consolidate your English skills, masters abroad will be an asset. Acquiring knowledge of foreign languages – just enough to break the ice – plays a great role in future job search.
  • Foreign degrees focus on a particular aspect with a lot of expertise. Their ideology is to impart maximum knowledge to a student which will help a country to develop.

Different perspective to the discussion

  • The fact that a foreign degree is helpful in earning a job in India cannot be denied but at the same time it cannot be taken for granted as well. Like others, foreign degree – holders have to still work through the ladder and compete in the market. Not every company would fall flat for the foreign degree – holders, even though they have a tangible global experience, as a good investment for the company.
  • As the investment made by the international degree – holders is fairly large, they have high salary expectations, and in most cases coming back to India is usually not their first priority. On a general note, the foreign degree – holders come with a chip on their shoulder, willing to do only certain types of jobs that involve analysis and strategy, and these roles are usually far and few.
  • The simple concept to get a substantial return on investment, which is not possible without a combination of reliable credentials and experience. When real – life challenges in the company are taken into account, global perspective becomes a vague term.
  • The foreign degree is not really important until the company places the person in his/her country of study, considering the aspect of learning and exposure that comes from being out of country.
  • Considering the teacher – student relationship, India holds an upper – hand, as they have friendly and cordial relations, motivating students – a factor important for development.

The ultimate choice

Students should develop a different mindset that will enhance diversity within an organization. It is more about the student than the degree itself. In the modern age of global business, value is given to students with an entrepreneurial mindset, creative thinking skills, a global outlook and quality of decision-making.

Now, keeping in mind the pros and cons, the decision solely depends on the student, what atmosphere, which facilities, he/she is willing to experience from the institution. It depends from individual to individual, their aims, goals, aspirations, where they want to reach and how they plan to reach. All they need to do is – aim, plan, revise, implement and stay focused.

What do people want from your PR CAMPAIGN?

Why does your organization need a PR campaign? Will it make any difference to your business? Yes. Of course it does. A lot of difference! A perfect hurl of PR campaign, leads to an effective pitch. Not all PR campaigns work alike all the time. They might vary in performance depending on your target audience, regions, and type of product, media messages and many more. Even few campaigns might even be affected if it is raining! Surprised? Do you think your PR campaign would work if you try to advertise water heaters during summers?

The main aspect to launch a successful Public Relations campaigns has three vital means involved:


  1. Pre launch is all about research on how to campaign and finding the right people. Decide on who are your target audience. Plan a strategy to reach your audience and clients. Not reaching the right audience is similar to not reaching anyone at all.


  1. During Launch is pitching and engaging people, your clients or the customers. Also make sure your timelines and budget are met during your campaign. Finding the target audience clearly leads to better coverage. Be it nationally or regionally. Be it online or offline.


  1. Post launch is about handling the jobs, tasks and assignment’s once you are being approved for a sample. If you are already a successful firm and own many successful PR campaigns, don’t assume victory will be yours again. With time, people look of creative and injecting ideas, methodologies and strategies that can make them feel ‘Wow’.

What does your audience look for in the campaign?


  • What organization is yours?
  • How your organization is better that your competitors?
  • What is your key message?
  • What are your objectives?
  • What is your means of communication? A sweet tone sooths the ears than a monotonous tone!
  • What are your deliverables?
  • How reliable you are?
  • How creative your campaign is?
  • Is your campaign all about your products? Will this lead to forever remembrance of your product in your audience mind?
  • Are you sending a ‘hi’ frequently? If you are not active, your audience might forget you.
  • Are you boring? If you are people would never listen to what your speak.

Media and public are interrelation. A friendly relationship with media means a friendly relationship with public. Let your audience know about your firm and let them read about your every morning. You can be interactive or dynamic through the online or offline media marketing. Hit the right media platforms. Choosing the wrong ones too, will affect your business. Social media marketing through twitter, Google+, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest are on the peaks. It is common that unforeseen obstacle’s come across you. Track them and fight back.

Thus, the recipe isn’t same always for a successful PR campaign. The process is different and unique for every firm, organization or international business. With the changing trends and new creative thoughts, people are looking for better ways to attract them. Make sure your organizations objectives are spread to your audience in a better way. Only if people understand better about what you are selling, they would want to buy it.

Makeup Vs summer! Who won?

Makeup Vs summer! Who won?


Gosh this summer! I hate it, says every woman. But how to beat the summer with the makeup on? It is really so weird when your boyfriend notices the dropping make up on your skin, shopping on the streets. Isn’t it? Don’t let your makeup melt off!

It is actually true that skin care varies as per the season. All the seasons have different effects on the skin types. Make up is a must if you want to hide your blemishes, shadows or spots. Don’t worry if you are told to bolt away the makeup when the sun is angry on you. Fight back once you find the secrets. Here you go! Lighten your makeup when the season is summer. Make it look natural and neat. Sweat can’t be avoided, thus light makeup is suggested.

Few makeup tips:

  • Always start your makeup by washing your face. Pat the skin gently and dry it.
  • Moisturizers are meant for dry skins for winter. They too melt because of the heat and spoil your makeup.
  • Use sunscreen lotions with > SPF 15 to save the skin from the sun rays.
  • Power helps to absorb the sweat. Instead of using liquid foundations, use power foundations. Avoid mineral foundations that are prone to melt.
  • Never overdo the concealer.
  • If you own a golden sexy tan, for a luminous and hydrated skin, apply coconut oil after the shower. It acts as a moisturizer too.
  • If you are applying blush, apply very lightly.
  • Remember to use a natural color eye shadow. Dark colors have a disgusting effect if unfortunately you ought to meet the sun.
  • Your mascara should be water proof and smudge free. Well, eye pencils do great during these days.
  • If you feel nude lips would pull back your charm, use a lip gloss. Lip gloss adds shine. Also, lip glosses with SPF are also available to protect your lovely lips from the heat.
  • Primer is a must. It is the smoothness you need to add before make up. They help to hold the makeup on the face for long.


The dark colors makes you and also your admires feel fresh. Unfortunately they are out of fashion recently. Moreover they are little difficult to carry and use. Do you know, with a darker lip stick, a light eye shadow, eye liner and foundation goes well?

The light shade too throws back a fresh look. All it matters is how you carry it and does it really suit your face cuts. As per your complexion, dark spots, feather enhancement thoughts and cover ups check out the light make up.


Though you need to reduce the amount of cosmetics usually do during summer \, it doesn’t mean you ignore makeup the whole of the season. Well, a woman might not bear the thought of going out without a makeup, but help yourself with the summer tips before the sun kisses you. Thus avoid the melt down of your beautiful make up.