The worlds top ten directors and their films

The worlds top directors and their films

It brings a smile on your lips, tears of joy and grief in your eyes, it inspires you, leads you, brings about changes, shows you a path, bends you double with laughter, holds you entranced, mouth gaping wide open, yet, it is called a world of make believe. Movies are everything but the absolute truth, yet they do so much for the society. Movies are the hard work of a group of imaginative and hardworking people who put in their best efforts to entertain mankind. Here are the top ten directors and their films as mentioned by our film making experts at

Who transfers a script into a movie?


The Director is the person who creates a movie out of imagination. It is he, who is responsible to see that right from the script till the copyright all goes well. The director is the captain of the ship and has to steer the ship through stormy seas of production.


The world has watched movies over centuries and has a long list of famous movies and these movies are remembered for their great directors. Since we are in the present, let us learn a bit more about the present great directors of the world.


Who are some of the great directors of the world?

With the help of video editors, film making experts and acting experts we have picked the top ten. When the word film director comes to our mind, we have pretty great number of people who dedicate their life making wonderful films.

1] Steven Spielberg


Born on December 18, 1946, in Ohio, US, this well known film director, producer, writer and business tycoon is according to Forbes, is worth $ 3 billion.



A young boy scout, made a 9 minute, 8 mm film, for a photo merit badge, The Last Gunfight and then went on to make movies like-

  • T,
  • Jaws,
  • Jurassic Park,
  • Lincoln,
  • Close Encounters Of the Third Kind,
  • Schindler’s List,
  • Saving Private Ryan, and many more such interesting and awesome movies.

2] Sir Peter Jackson-


Born on 31, October, 1961 in Wellington, New Zealand, this film director, producer and screenplay writer has had no formal training in film making, but shot his first film at the age of 9, using a Super 8, cine camera and went on to win 3 Academy Awards, the Golden Globe Award, 4 Saturn Awards and 3 BAFTA Awards for films like-


  • Lord of the Rings Trilogy,
  • The Hobbit Trilogy,
  • King Kong,
  • Adventures of Tintin and various other adventurous movies.

3] Christopher Nolan-

Christopher Nolan, Man of Steel European Film Premiere, Leicester Square London UK, 12 June 2013, (Photo by Richard Goldschmidt)
Christopher Nolan, Man of Steel European Film Premiere, Leicester Square London UK, 12 June 2013, (Photo by Richard Goldschmidt)


Born on July 30, 1970 in England, UK. He is not only a great film director, but also a screenwriter and film producer. His work has been nominated 26 times for the Oscars and has won 6 awards.  He has directed movies like the-


  • Memento,
  • Insomnia,
  • The Dark Knight Trilogy and
  • The Inception are some of his thrilling works.

4] Timothy Burton-


Born on 25th of August, 1958, is a director, producer writer and an artist. He produced his first film at the age of 13 in his backyard. This Director makes films which have gothic, macabre, horror and fantasy stories. Movies such as-


  • Beetlejuice,
  • Edward Scissorhands
  • Sleepy Hollow,
  • Batman,
  • Batman Returns,
  • Planet of the Apes,
  • Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and
  • Alice in Wonderland.

5] James Cameron-



Born on August 16, 1954 in Canada is not only a great film director, producer, editor, screenwriter, a conceptual artist but also an environmentalist and an explorer. You will be surprised to know that Venezuela, has named a new species of frog, Pristimantis jamescameron for his great work in the field of environmental awareness. He has produced movies like-

  • Avatar,
  • Titanic,
  • Aliens,
  • The Terminator,
  • Terminator 2 and
  • The Judgment Day



James Cameron has many firsts linked to his name, one such first being the only solo and the third person in the world to go to the bottom of the Mariana Trench, the deepest part of the ocean using remote vehicle technology for underwater filming. His movies, Avatar and Titanic have the highest grossing of films of all times, 2.19 billion and 2.78 billion respectively. Told you he has many firsts under his belt.

Be it a career, hobby or a passion, reach out to the film making experts at for an expert opinion. Movies make us see the future, realize our dreams; they help us to achieve our dreams and to dream big. Movies cannot be made without great directors. This was our little list of the some of the greatest directors and their movies.


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