Homemaking Tips for Ensuring a Perfect Home

Homemaking is an umbrella-term that entails all activities that go into maintaining an efficient household and successful running of a house, which is the site for family life. Housekeeping brings to focus concerns regarding healthy accommodation, nutritious food, financial management and equally importantly, a congenial atmosphere for mental well-being. The homemaker or housekeeper, whether a male novice or a female specialist, has a big responsibility to carry out and cannot afford to miss out on certain basic dos and don’ts.


  • A good homemaker must make sure that the household and the members present in it have the availability of sufficient sunlight and fresh air. If the structure of the house is a problem and does not permit adequate ventilation, it should be made sure that a section of the house is open (a balcony or garden) where children and elderly members at least can have access to their daily requirement of an open sky.
  • Healthy eating habits and wholesome nourishment are the most basic and major prerequisites to a well-run home. The food-related needs must be of prime concern, and it is very necessary that all meals be on time and wholesome in terms of nutrition. A daily dose of protein, essential vitamins, fluids and roughage must be taken extreme care of.
  • Since a home is synonymous to comfort and convenience, an efficiently-run household must have all basic amenities at hand such as a well-equipped kitchen-unit, first-aid, basic home appliances, 24 hours communication source (internet and cell phones) in case of emergencies et al. All these come together for an unhindered and cosy living.


  • The biggest and foremost don’t for a homemaker is unhygienic living conditions. All efforts to run a home well are wasted if hygiene and cleanliness are not taken care of. It entails not just neatness and uncluttering, but clean and medically sound living condition. The habituated space must be routinely swept and mopped, disinfected and dusted for the physical well-being of the members.
  • The water and sanitation facilities must not be overlooked as being of subsidiary importance. Improper sanitation can become a bane for the members living in the house. Sewage and waste disposal in the right and proper manner helps curb the possibilities of sickness manifold.
  • Financial management must not be overlooked, because in all truth, all the rest depends on it.

Wellbeing of the Home

Something that is most often overlooked in the hustle-bustle of daily chores and errands, and which ironically should be a matter of grave consideration is the mental aspect of well-being in a house. A home is much more than just about food, shelter and clothing. You know a home is truly healthy and congenial when it has the essentials of peace, positivity and emotional stability. This can be achieved by inducing good values and discipline into the atmosphere of the house. This intangible yet highly crucial dimension to ‘good housekeeping’ must not be overlooked. You’ll find more homemaking tips at solvemyproblem.com.


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