What adds to your tummy weight?

What adds to your tummy weight?

No one likes a flabby belly. Do you? Ofcourse no! Need help identifying the delicious yet, unhealthy foods that add to your tummy weight? Apart from being unsexy, it increases the risk of a host of health issues. The fat inside not only harms our pretty looks, but it’s putting some pressure on the pancreas. There are foods that can bloat your belly and pack your belly fat.Consult Diet Expert on https://www.solvemyproblemm.com/video

All these foods don’t work in the same way. Some of these foods are weighed down with simple sugars and Trans fat, which can trigger your body to store excess belly fat, expanding your waist line over the time. On the other hand, some other foods increase gas production in your intestines and stomach, causing your abdomen to feel distended. Although this state is just temporary, it can still be an uncomfortable feeling and a less-than-desirable look.

Target the ‘not-to-eat’ list:

Keep yourself away from foods that do allow you to have that well-toned torso, you have been longing for.

  1. Sugar alcohols


Sugar alcohols which are sugar substitutes, are found in sugar-free foods, and can be only partially digested by the body, thus provide fewer calories per gram than regular sugar. This partial digestion causes gastrointestinal effects such as gas and bloat, which leads to making your stomach look distended.

  1. Ice cream


You scream, I scream, we all scream for ice cream! But are you aware of what really screams after you indulge in this frozen treat? Well, it’s your waistline! Ice cream bloats your belly, as it’s rich in sugar, triggering an increase in blood sugar followed by increase in insulin levels, promoting increase in fat storage in your mid-section. To add to this, ice cream is made from cow milk, which contains lactose, and even if you can tolerate lactose just fine, foods that are extreme in temperature can cause stress in gastrointestinal tract, leading to bloating. But of course, it’s fine to enjoy this treat on occasion, just as with any food that isn’t good for your belly.

  1. White pasta


If you love spaghetti, you better watch out! Although pasta seems innocent enough, too much of it is a recipe for waistline disaster. Since, it is made of refined white flour, stripped of innermost and outermost layers of grain; it results in loss of most of the nutrients, fiber and proteins. This means that it digests rapidly, creating a cascading effect of increased fat storage and an increased waistline. Moreover, low fiber pasta leaves you unsatisfied and just adds calories to your body. Well, the good news is, you don’t need to say goodbye to pasta, instead choose 100 percent whole-grain pasta, and add steamed veggies or lean protein to it, for a healthy diet.

  1. Cabbage


Cabbage, besides offering many benefits, can be a little rough on your digestive system, as during digestion, it can increase gas production in gastrointestinal tract. So, soon after eating large amounts of cabbage, you may as well notice that you feel a bit bloated and see your waistline expand. Although the bloat is temporary, it can be quite unpleasant especially if you are heading out to a day at the beach to show off your new slimmed stomach. Prefer eating cooked cabbage over raw, as it causes less gas production.

  1. Deep-fried vegetables


More the vegetables you eat, the more the successful your weight loss is. However, the way in which those vegetables are cooked is just as important as which vegetables you consume. Eating deep fried vegetables not only cancel out the health benefits but also turn vegetables into belly-fat gainers instead of belly-fat fighters. So take a pass on jalapeno poppers and onion rings and get your vegetables in their natural form or that cooked in healthy fat.

  1. Cereals –



Well, cereals are not necessarily bad for your body, but some people double the serving size which means more is eaten than the box actually recommends. If you find that your pants are getting a bit snug in the mornings, try weighing your cereals with a measuring cup before you start to gulp it down. Choose low-fat milk and avoid temptation to add sugar.


  1. Pastries


It is quite very easy to look into a baker window and start drooling over the yummy options displayed in front of you. Then think about words like trans fat, corn syrup, sugar. Are you still drooling? These words make up the main ingredients in commercial pastries, which means, if you indulge in pastries on a regular basis, you may be taking in large amount of inflammation – producing nutrients. And as inflammation packs on the belly fat, eating too many pastries will expand your waistline. Well, you don’t have keep them away forever, just reserve them for special occasions or treats.

  1. Corn


Stay away from corn, if you don’t want belly fat! Corn is among the most fattening foods, as it is high in sugars, calories and allergens. So it is best to avoid corn on the cob, corn bread, corn chips and so on, in your diet.

Plan of action:

Well, if you are just about tired of your jiggly pouch and are sitting back wishing for flat abs, then you are doing nothing to get you closer to your dream. It will take some amount of monitoring of your present diet and a commitment to being more physically active.


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