How to handle video interviews?

How to handle video interviews?

Seek the career expert to understand the smart ways of handling interviews! Facing problems on how to handle video interviews? Times have changed and today we live in a globalized world where everything is just a mouse click away. Gone are the days when interviews used to happen with the interviewer and interviewee sitting opposite to each other across the table. With the advent of technology, recruitment procedure has undergone drastic changes. Now-a-days, video interviews have become a popular means to recruit prospective employees in corporate world.  Consult career Expert on


Traditional one-one interviews require both the interviewer and interviewee to be present at the same place and this distance constraint has been overcome by video interviews. With video interviews, the participants can be at the opposite ends of globe and yet the interview can happen. Hence, video interviews save time, money and effort for companies and employees. Thus, it is win-win situation for all.  Better screening of the candidates is possible through video interviews since the interviewee has to take care of his surroundings as well during the course of interview.  So, companies have a better way to assess the attitude of the candidates.


There are advantages of video interviews:

  • Saves time, energy, infrastructure cost, manpower cost for the companies
  • Saves time, cost for the candidate as well
  • Decisions can be taken swiftly
  • Can assess the candidates in their home environment
  • Video interviews can be taken anytime in the day across the world

And there are disadvantages too:

  • Candidates would face issues with internet speed in countries where internet has not penetrated completely providing unequal opportunity
  • Physical body language cannot be witnessed through video interviews
  • Interviewer might not be able to test the candidates on mentioned extra-curricular skills like painting, dancing etc
  • Technical problems might creep in leaving candidate’s chances to fortune

Precautions during a video interview

  • Internet connectivity should be excellent with necessary bandwidth to support video call.
  • Interview should be scheduled at an appropriate time so that there is no power outage during the interview.
  • Formal wear with tie gives professional appearance.
  • Practice well before the actual interview. Take mock interviews.
  • Wall colors should be pleasant. Colors which are too bright give gaudy appearance.
  • Always speak looking at the camera not at the monitor.
  • Make sure there is no disturbance in the surroundings like traffic, pets etc.
  • Ensure color of head phones is neat and size is appropriate.
  • If the interview has time limit, practice well to present the answers within the time frame
  • Position of the camera should be correct
  • Necessary ventilation is required to have clear lighting
  • Remember to have a neat grooming

Video interviews are the future and hence should be encouraged. Most of the universities in the US have video interview round as part of admission to MBA program. Multi-National Companies like Price Waterhouse Coopers, CBC also have video interviews in their recruitment process. Since internet is the primary requirement to have video interview, it will take few more years for video interviews to become popular in under-developed and developing countries where internet connectivity is still very poor.


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