How to make relationships work wonders

 How to make relationships work wonders

Everyone wants a romantic, happy and healthy relationship with their loved ones! Still there are few secrets that can help relationships to work wonders. Want to find them out? A relationship is a special bond that every human being longs for, be it with one’s family or friends. Every relationship and every bond that you make along the journey of your life is what defines you as a person. A person who is once a stranger may become someone very important in life. Any relation begins with a friendly approach and depending on the extent to which the individual is planning to take the relation forward. This is the case with the bonds formed with strangers. This is not the case with family ties. These bonds are formed from the moment one has come into this world, and are perceived to be the strongest ones of all the relationships that ever existed. However, these relationships that we are talking about aren’t so easy to maintain as it might sound. They are broken as easily as they are made. Consult Relationship Expert on .


There are many reasons why relationships fall apart, few of which could be;

  • Time spent together and Listening: In this age and era, where people don’t even have time to relax for a minute and take a breather, relationships are one of the prices paid. With their careers taking up most of their times, they hardly get time to spend with their loved ones, which eventually leads to drifting away.
  • Jealousy & Possessiveness: As an individual becomes more involved in a relationship and forms deeper bonds, a sense of possessiveness comes in. You feel a sense of ownership over your partner or the person you share the bond with. This possessiveness to a certain extent is good and helps in maintaining healthy bonds. However, when this crosses a certain limit, things start to go out of hand and the other person might feel suffocated and might lead to straining of the existing relationship.
  • Taking the other person for granted: Be it your mom, your dad, your best friend, your spouse or anyone else for that matter, the biggest mistake ever made is taking things and situations and most of all people, for granted. The saying that the value of a thing you actually possess might not be realized until you lose it holds true when it comes to taking your loved ones for granted. You start paying less attention thinking that they are going to stay with you no matter what. But boy! Are you wrong about this? A major blunder that never has to be made.

Do’s and Don’ts:


  • Leave aside the insecurities which result in jealousy and suspicion. Trust and let the other person know if you think there is a problem. Talk and resolve the problem at hand and try diluting your insecurity.


  • Allocate some quality time for that particular person. Like one to two hours once or twice in a week. This helps in maintaining a balance between the work and life, which is very essential. And while you are at it, strictly no other interruptions and give a total listening ear to the subject at hand.


  • Dominating and trying to control the other person – A big NO! Give them their independence and let them free. Trying to dominate them just to get their attention or just because you care for them, will have the reverse effects and will worsen the relationship


  • Lastly, you are the best judge of your situation at hand, so be it any situation with anyone, in any relationship, trust your instincts and try to rectify in case of any discrepancies and everything will fall into place. And sooner the better.

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