Understanding the body language! Men Vs Women

Understanding the body language! Men Vs Women

In today’s world, the fact that men are from Mars and women are from Venus is widely believed. Just like men and women are believed to come from different planets, so are the differences in their body language.

Whenever the discussion turns to gender differences, the topic becomes of less importance, and we easily fall into old assumptions and old stereotypes about men and women. However, this does not mean that one gender is better over the other, but it only depicts that they possess different characteristics and tendencies. Most of the body gestures are made in the subconscious state. Body language which is a part of the non-verbal communication skills is an outward reflection of a person’s emotional state. It is very essential to interpret the non-verbal clues, to have a better understanding of the other person.


Why the differences exist

The so-called body language differences between men and women show up in two ways – differences in behavior as well as differences in the purpose behind that particular behavior. Some of the differences are thanks to the mother-nature, as they are ‘pre – programmed’ into each of the genders. While others, are learned through experience. However, these differ greatly from one culture to another. The reason behind these differences are actually physical, like men process messages using 7 different parts of their brain at once, while women process messages using 16 different parts of the brain. Well, neither is better than the other is, but the processing pattern does influence the sending and receiving messages based on gender.


Men vs. Women –

  • Women are more likely to show emotions, let their feelings come through and display nurturing behavior. While men display behaviors of dominance, power and assertiveness. However, in the modern world, due to increased comfort and acceptance with each gender, these tendencies are subject to far more variability than ever before.
  • In day to day living, women’s facial gestures are more flexible and lighter while men display gestures are more relaxed and express warmth.
  • Women smile frequently, but it hardly lasts for a while, and on the other hand men smile more frequently, which takes time to fade away.
  • Women pretend to look busy when they lie, and men, on the other hand, appear relaxed when they lie.
  • In a positive situation, women bend towards the speaker maybe for concentration, while men bend their head towards the side.
  • In case of negative situation, women will not indulge in eye contact and conversely, men would look more steadily towards the interlocutor.
  • Men and women, both while conversing look directly into the eyes of their interest. However, women, many a times, bend their head and shy off, while men, move their eyes indicating that they are nervous.
  • Women are more talkative when compared to men, and men prefer to use strict and direct formulations. Men sound more loud and brisk, but monotonous as compared to women.
  • When offended, women, bear the malice for a longer duration and burst into tears often. Men, on the other side, raise their voice, yell and shout to display their emotion of feeling snubbed.
  • Women often tend to use elegant phrases like ‘it was incredible’, ‘it would extremely kind of you’ and so on. contrarily, men are seen using phrases like ‘never’, ‘always’, ‘nobody’ and so on.
  • When women feel the physical closeness of the person, they softly touch their arms or shoulder, while men show their interest in women by sitting close to them or touching arms softly while conversing.


Handling these differences

As with most of the things divided up along the gender lines, body language differences are best as general guidelines. Interpreting and understanding body language would definitely require a great skill of observation. If you will, they are a starting point, for engaging in interactions and establishing rapport, the like and building trust. Having awareness and understanding of the differences in body language can help prevent wrong interpretations or resolve misunderstandings and potential conflicts when the wrong interpretations occur.


When both men and women, make it a point to learn from the differences and share each other’s perspectives, they learn to interpret better and understand the non-verbal communication of each other.  The whole idea is to be respectful of the differences and not to belittle or judge either gender on the basis of body language differences.


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