Effectively Managing the Waste at Civil Construction Sites

For times memorable, societies have been trying to have a cleaner and greener environmentas we all need healthy air to breathe!

When we talk about construction sites, the first things that come to mindis a place that is filthy, dirty, full of materials, dust and smoke. When a disposal system is not in place, the waste keeps accumulating and polluting the environment. We see a labor work force in their uniforms, roped in with a mask around their heads. The workers have safety gears that protect them from smoke and dust. But the people residing, working or passing nearby,the construction site do not have such protective gears and get easily affected by the pollution. Moreover, the discarded materials generated from such sites are hazardous to human life.Disposing the unusable materials in a way that is not endangering and polluting to the environment is a bigger task than the construction itself.

Any civil project needs a Waste Management Consulting Expert who can guide them into a Site Waste Management Plan (SWMP). There might be more than one person who are involved in making this plan. An SWMP is a detailed plan that will state how suchmaterial can be reused, recycled or disposed of. An effective plan will help reduce the waste management costs. There are different levels at which a Civil Engineering Consultant might charge the real estate companies asthe cost of implementing SWMP will widely depend on the overall project cost which depends on the size of the project, the labor and equipment.

An inspection reveals the information about the materials that can be used in the construction. Also, it will help avoid generating the waste.  The builder can allocate an area where all the reusable materials can be stacked and the materials could be used as and when required. The materials can be monitored and put to re-use as soon as they are identified.

It is important to understand the nature of items that can’t be used. Generally, we have

Reusable Items– carpets, cabinets, masonry materials, doors, insulation, iron and steel bars, wooden items etc.

Recyclable Products – such as drywall, metal works and plastics.

Disposable Materials – has no reusable value and hence the best means to dispose these is to take professional services of Waste Management Company. Almost 1/3rd of total waste generated worldwide comes from civil projects. Statistically, only around 80% of this goes to the clean fill.


The junk generated from constructing a building requires a detailed plan of how it is going to be disposed of without any ill-effects on the environment. A good place to look for Civil Engineering Experts is solvemyproblemm.com (SMP) who help in managing the waste in a cost effective, efficient and environment friendly manner. These engineers are experts in their field having more than 10 years of experience. There are other related experts who can help you in waste management arena.

Many constructors and builders argue to the fact that spending so much on waste management is a waste of time, money and resources. Especially as they are already spending a lot of money on materials and the labor. But the cost of NOT managing the rubbishishigh to the society, which equally affects the builders and their loved ones.


Here are some important reasons stating WHY to reuse and recycle materials?

  1. Reduction in the cost – The dumping sites have a limited capacity. As the landfills close, it gets more difficult and costly to search for other dumping sites. Dumping at remote sites increases the cost of disposal leading to higher construction cost.
  1. Improves the Efficiency –Purchasing only the exact quantity of the material builds up efficiency.Else, the builder disposes of ‘paid for materials’ and pays twice for the cost of transporting the materials, once while buying the materials and then for disposing off.
  1. Avoiding Liability –the sites produce a lot of toxic waste that are hazardous to health and the environment, like paints, solvents and adhesives. A responsible builder protectshimself from potential liability. Potential liabilitycomes from the harm to the environment caused by such unmanaged itemsand the claims from government or the society arising on this account.
  1. Improving Company Image – People rate the companies better that take care of environment. Builders can market their buildingsas being an environment friendly. This will be based on the fact that they are following proper waste disposal methods and not distressing the ecological balance of the environment.


Waste Management is a process. The crew needs to be trained and guided listing the materials that could be reused, recycled or disposed. As days and months pass, one can see the efforts taking shape and waste management becoming an important integral part of the organization work culture.


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