Brand. I have mine. What’s yours?

What is there in a welt? In a word? A brand is not a logo, not a slogan it’s the true reflection of the company. What it does and what it promises to do. A brand throws light on who we are and what we do. It arrests the community, pulls the countrymen and entrepreneurs which are crucial for the vision of long term prosperity of the firm. The end of any intellectual capital is the “brand” itself. Which is the peak assert of the corporate community. A real BRAND matters. Don’t make a label, make a brand!


If we know what an enterprise stands for, if we know what it means for the employees, producers, consumers, stack holders and the vendors, if we know what it stands for is unique and authentic, and in the zenith then with headstrong can say, We know “the brand”. The method is just to identify it, define it, and promote it. But from whose perspective? From whose face does a brand’s made is inclined towards the shorthand? It’s the elixir of the enterprise – the customers.

Why branding:

  • This is how people remember your product or services.
  • You will receive repeated knock on your door.
  • It helps people to refer to other customers.
  • This is a message to your audience.
  • An emotion from your firm.
  • They add value.

How to start your brand?

The brand is your unique selling proposition. What is that that makes you unique from your competitors? Here are few examples of how USP matters for few well known brands. If you are interested in having a logo/ motif or a picture for your brand, make sure your motif is apt to represent you and your firm. Your logo is a promise you would be obliged to keep. Also find out from your existing customer what he/she likes in your firm and what he does not! This information is vital. This is the foundation for setting up your brand.


USP focusing on uniqueness: The mint with the hole. Polo

USP focusing on quality: High performance Delivered. Accenture

USP focusing on cost: Never knowingly undersold. John Lewis

USP focusing on attitude: Just do it. Nike

USP focusing on people: Have it your way. Burger King

USP focusing on people: I’m Lovin it. Mc Donalds

USP focusing on popularity: The world’s favorite airline. British Airways

USP focusing on uniqueness: The crumbliest, flakiest chocolate. Flake

USP focusing on quality: The best a man can get. Gillette

USP focusing on performance: The ultimate driving machine. BMW

USP focusing on creativity: The fragrance dreams are made of. White diamonds.

Do you know that people have emotional responses to various branding colors? Yes they do! Obviously when you want to give a relaxing message, you would not choose your brand color or logo color as pixilated colors.


As time moves on, the company’s revenues change, consumers change, people change but a brand is a legacy, it widens its wings and protects the whole system. Your brand is everything and anything you do… It’s a pandemic virus, and injects to everyone who gives a stare. What’s your brand? Just brand it before anyone else captures your idea! Make people fall in love with your brand.


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