Com on Guys! These are just grooming myths.

Com on Guys! These are just grooming myths.  

Never go with the myths! Go with the expert’s advice! Need help sorting out the myths wit realities, seek the experts’ advice! All the myths are old wife tales. These are all fake outs. Give the myths a name you like but when they mess with your looks, men you got to take them seriously. Honestly all the facts mentioned by the grand nanny aren’t true. Here goes a list of common grooming myths.

More hair from more shaves!


Well, you don’t have stubble thicker or darker? The truth is your dad might not be having too. Whatever your beard is, it is hereditary. So if you shave, twice a day or never, your beard will grow just like your fathers! So stop fooling yourself.

Grey hair is proportional to stress

Again, your dad decides if you are going to have a gray hair or black. Scientifically, stress leads to hair loss but not grey hair. So worry about being bald.

Shave only after a pleasant shower!

Once you are done with your shower, the pores on the skin open up due to the stream of the shower. This is the reason you might feel comfortable and easy to go for a shave. Your blaze slides smooth and easy.

The antidandruff shampoo really flushes the flakes.



Never depend on one shampoo. Keep changing your shampoos. Flushing the flakes, means bleaching the skin. Using the same shampoo might affect the hair and the scalp drastically.

Oh what you will you eat my hair?



Hats don’t eat your hair unless your hat is tightened and sealed to your head. Practically, one might not love to seal a hat, it will lead to outrageous discomfort.  Even bald head is genetically based.

I walk under the sun, but higher SPF gives more protection.

A high SPF cream has the similar effect like a high pixel camera. But the researchers say, the difference between SPF 20 and SPF 50 isn’t too diverse. So it is better to use a low SPF cream many times rather than using higher SPF just once.


Hot water cleans the skin properly



Hot water is the best method of killing germs on the skin. Regular use of hot water kills the skin too. The essential oils on the skin evaporate and give you a squeaky skin. Thus, after a hot shower bath you can witness redness and sensitive skin. So keep your hot water showers shot or use Luke warm water.


Eyes love tea bags

The blend of anti oxidants and caffeine in the discarded tea bags has the power to rejuvenate fluid retention and puffiness of the eyes.

Split ends of the hair can be easily repaired

Just like the broken mirror cannot be fixed back, the split ends can’t shake hands again. The only solution is cut them off at the ends. Visit the salon and find the instant remedy.

Using a scrub then scrub more!

The end result of scrubbing more and more is a skin that just looks like a scrubber. Scrubbing should be done gently in circular motion with frequent use of cream or water. Also one needs to take care of the delicate areas from the harsh touch of the scrub. Scrub only once a week.



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