Makeup Vs summer! Who won?

Makeup Vs summer! Who won?


Gosh this summer! I hate it, says every woman. But how to beat the summer with the makeup on? It is really so weird when your boyfriend notices the dropping make up on your skin, shopping on the streets. Isn’t it? Don’t let your makeup melt off!

It is actually true that skin care varies as per the season. All the seasons have different effects on the skin types. Make up is a must if you want to hide your blemishes, shadows or spots. Don’t worry if you are told to bolt away the makeup when the sun is angry on you. Fight back once you find the secrets. Here you go! Lighten your makeup when the season is summer. Make it look natural and neat. Sweat can’t be avoided, thus light makeup is suggested.

Few makeup tips:

  • Always start your makeup by washing your face. Pat the skin gently and dry it.
  • Moisturizers are meant for dry skins for winter. They too melt because of the heat and spoil your makeup.
  • Use sunscreen lotions with > SPF 15 to save the skin from the sun rays.
  • Power helps to absorb the sweat. Instead of using liquid foundations, use power foundations. Avoid mineral foundations that are prone to melt.
  • Never overdo the concealer.
  • If you own a golden sexy tan, for a luminous and hydrated skin, apply coconut oil after the shower. It acts as a moisturizer too.
  • If you are applying blush, apply very lightly.
  • Remember to use a natural color eye shadow. Dark colors have a disgusting effect if unfortunately you ought to meet the sun.
  • Your mascara should be water proof and smudge free. Well, eye pencils do great during these days.
  • If you feel nude lips would pull back your charm, use a lip gloss. Lip gloss adds shine. Also, lip glosses with SPF are also available to protect your lovely lips from the heat.
  • Primer is a must. It is the smoothness you need to add before make up. They help to hold the makeup on the face for long.


The dark colors makes you and also your admires feel fresh. Unfortunately they are out of fashion recently. Moreover they are little difficult to carry and use. Do you know, with a darker lip stick, a light eye shadow, eye liner and foundation goes well?

The light shade too throws back a fresh look. All it matters is how you carry it and does it really suit your face cuts. As per your complexion, dark spots, feather enhancement thoughts and cover ups check out the light make up.


Though you need to reduce the amount of cosmetics usually do during summer \, it doesn’t mean you ignore makeup the whole of the season. Well, a woman might not bear the thought of going out without a makeup, but help yourself with the summer tips before the sun kisses you. Thus avoid the melt down of your beautiful make up.


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