The eyes speak. Find out from the eyes.

The eyes speak. Find out from the eyes.

Well, is it possible to read someone’s thoughts by gazing into their eyes? Are you facing problems to guess what is in your peers mind by listening to his/ her eyes? An old proverb says, ‘eyes are the mirror of the soul’, and they reveal what the heart conceals. Eyes can express feelings, both of comfort and discomfort, what words may not be able to deliver. Often what is not spoken loud is expressed exquisitely in the eyes.

Eyes speak a lot

  • Pupil size


May be you will be able to control you facial expressions, but your pupils tell an entirely different story. Pupils are that part of our eye body language that we practically have no control over. Have you ever taken a notice that the pupil dilates when we keep interest in the object we are looking at or person we are talking to? On the other end, pupils shrink when you view something distasteful or you are repulsed. Well, this is hard wired into us.

  • Shifting eyes


The story changes slightly when you pose a question to someone directly without trying to access the person’s thought patterns. Notice, if their eyes go up as they conjure up an answer, after posing the question. People keep from looking at a person, maybe because they are ashamed of being dishonest of trying to deceive them. But sometimes, people who are lying engage in more eye contact, to see if you are buying their story.


  • Crying –


Among cultures all around the world, crying is considered as a result of an extreme experience of emotion. Often it’s associated with grief or sadness, but at times humor and extreme experience of happiness can cause to cry. Well, forced crying, known as ‘crocodile tears’ is to deceive others or gain sympathy.

  • Blinking –


Do we really get to catch someone lying in ‘the blink of an eye’? Quite possibly.  Apart from our instinctive need to blink, our feeling and emotion towards an object or person we are conversing with can subconsciously alter our blink rate. The blink is more rapid when people feel uncomfortable or stressed. Infrequent blinking indicates an intentional control of eye movements.

  • Winking –

image99Winking is considered to be a cheeky form of flirting. We generally do it with people we are on good terms with or we know very well.

  • Right Brained or Left? –


The direction, in which a person is looking, reveals a whole world of what they are feeling or thinking. Left or right movements of the eye indicate whether a person is engaged in visual or symbolic thinking. Looking to their right indicates more creative thoughts, while looking to their left indicates that they are trying to remember something or reminiscing.

  • Eye blocking


When you ask a friend for a favor, and they agree but rub their eyes while responding, indicates that they are not comfortable with your request. The eye blocking body language maneuver is extremely accurate. Even children born blind also block their eyes when they hear things they do not like. This behavior is undoubtedly hard wired, like when we are troubled, struggling or frustrated with something emotionally. We close our eyelids hard or remain closed or may flutter rapidly as an expression of our sentiment.

  • Narrowed eyes


People narrow their eyes at you, when you accuse someone of an act they did not do, or even if they find something distasteful or disgusting. Narrowed eyes indicate anger, which is clearly a negative response, so make sure you ask if you have misjudged that person or said something wrong.

  • Arching eyebrows


We display gravity-defying behavior when we are contented and happy. Arching your eyebrows when you see a person gives them a sense you are really happy to see them. Approaching people with arched eyebrows and a ‘hello, how you doing?’ conveys positive emotions.

  • Wide open eyes


Wide open eyes indicate number of different things, which depends on what the rest of the face is doing. High eyebrows with eyes wide open indicate fear, while on the other hand, raised eyebrows and smile indicates interest and happiness. A short glance with arched eyebrows and eyes wide open and then back to normal shows excitement and surprise.

  • The Eyes Link to the Senses

When someone looks directly into your eyes when having a conversation, it indicated that they are paying attention and interested. Prolonged eye contact can feel threatening, while breaking eye contact can indicate that the person is uncomfortable, distracted or trying to conceal their real feelings. People start to drop their eyelids, if they are bored and they may half close their eyes, if they are uncomfortable with the situation. So, keep your eyes wide open to impress, as it is a success key and takes stamina.

Should have cashed in:


If only we knew earlier that the funny little emoticons, you have been drawing since you were a kid would become a big business today! Certainly you would have cashed in. There was no need for somebody to tell you that eyebrows angled up meant sad, angled down meant angry and arched was surprised. You knew all these instinctively that eyes have a lot to say regarding what somebody is feeling and thinking, as this ability to read a person’s intentions based on their eye movement develops at the age of four. Well, eyes have more to say than the simple face images.


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