Effects of Social Media on Teenagers

Effects of Social Media on Teenagers

Owing to the technological boom in the country, more and more people are getting hooked onto the media platforms. This goes, without saying, at a threefold rate for the teenagers. There’s not one teenager seen without an electronic gadget in their hands. The most common activity among the teenagers is the social media interaction, be it Facebook, MySpace, Twitter or playing games like Sims, Farmville etc. However dominating most of their lives, this technological outburst has great effects. The negative effects of these technologies can be:


  • Isolation: They can become more of introvert rather than a normal interactive person reducing the level of human interaction. The direct face to face interactions have reduced to the lowest minimum and the favorability to meet and stay and interact under one roof.


  • Affects Productivity: Social media greatly affects the productivity. It proves to be a major distraction prodding them to keep visiting the websites and check what other people and friends have been up to.


  • Addiction: The urge to post or visit the website many times in a day, will increase as one gets more and more attached to these social media platforms.

Positive Effects of Social Media on Teenagers

Even though we have discussed many negative outcomes of social media on teenagers, there are, however a few positive effects of Social media as well which can be as follows:


  • Enhanced Relations: It is a lot easier to catch up and find old friends and make new ones. It has become easier to connect and interact on these social media platforms. Even though personal meetings and interactions are not possible, social media has created this platform as an opportunity to substitute for all of these drawbacks.


  • Reduced communication barriers: The misunderstandings and misinterpretations are reduced when it comes to the interactions on social media.


  • Sources of Information: Information availability is in excess when it comes to social media which is readily available and easy to understand and keeps the teenagers very well equipped when it comes to latest information.


  • Sign of activity and less depression: Good social media activity, according to proved research results, is a sign of less depression amongst children and teenagers.


  • Increased creativity: The social media networks greatly help in increasing the potential of the teenagers with his/her creativity and augment it to a great extent.

As can be seen social media has both good and bad effects on teenagers. Whatever be the case the good effects have to be identified and boosted while the negative effects have to be diluted and decreased with the help of regulated control from the parents and a little care towards the teenagers’ activity.


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